We Harm Ourselves


All the ways we objectify, separate ourselves from, disrespect, ignore, plunder, deny, blame the Other, are also all the ways we dehumanize, pervert, destroy and imprison ourselves. Our unconsciousness and cynicism destroys ourselves, arguably more than the Other.

How is it that we are often unaware of what we are doing to ourselves? What avenues of escape do we frequent? How do we cut off, shut down and numb ourselves? What do we plug into that hole of emptiness to distance ourselves from its existence within? What is the rhythm of this hiding and blinding?

Every dark thing - loneliness, emptiness, compulsive craving, greed, fear, shame, victimhood - is a threshold for the warrior who is willing to enter and descend inward and downward, through a path where disconnection melts into connection, darkness transmutes into light, ignorance of self unravels to truth and wisdom, powerlessness becomes empowering.

Make no mistake. We cannot truly love another without first loving and knowing ourselves, beyond all the layers of external conditioning, veils of masking, patterns seeded into us from past generations.

What is it to release the multitude of veils that cloak us? A descent and release into Not Knowing. Terrifying, certainly. Everything changes. Everything; external reality being an inside job. When, like a caterpillar, everything melts in the chrysalis, the body and its nervous system, melts into disorganization, so too does one's hold on reality. Until one recreates it from the inside out, asking step by step, what is the inside voice speaking? what feels right and good? how is the Flow going? what can I allow? what is coming and what is easy? This is an upward spiraling process of evolution, Life generously offering us opportunities to evolve, daily. I happen to like the process. It's often uncomfortable but it is a true and trustworthy process, Love being its Nature. Liberation, self empowerment, greater self knowledge and self love, deepening understanding, greater seeing, a more profound experiencing of Life without seeking and accumulating more experiences.

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