Staying Strong With King Winter

Winter is a season that most people seem to dislike and complain about; it gets cold! It makes sense – the cold of winter adds the biological stress of maintaining a consistent temperature. This stress makes us more vulnerable to getting colds and flus. As an immigrant who grew up in Southeast Asia, I did … [Read more…]

Four Thieves Vinegar

The story associated with this remedy goes back to an outbreak of the plague in France. Four thieves had been apprehended for robbing graves of those who had died from the plague. Their claim to remaining unaffected despite being exposed was that this remedy kept them healthy. I love this story. It makes me feel … [Read more…]

Parsley Honey Wine

Parsley Honey Wine This remedy was created by Hildegard Von Bingen,  a Christian mystic and visionary of the Middle Ages. Matthew Wood, renowned and respected American herbalist, used this remedy to treat a 75 year old female client for the symptom of acute breathlessness that is often associated with Covid 19. The remedy, along with … [Read more…]

We Harm Ourselves

All the ways we objectify, separate ourselves from, disrespect, ignore, plunder, deny, blame the Other, are also all the ways we dehumanize, pervert, destroy and imprison ourselves. Our unconsciousness and cynicism destroys ourselves, arguably more than the Other. How is it that we are often unaware of what we are doing to ourselves? What avenues … [Read more…]