Bodying Circles

How often do you take spacious time ...


for diving

into your inner world, to engage

the sacred act of listening

to the life eternally

being birthed within?

And so, in truth, if you would find this noble birth, you must leave the crowd and return to your source and to the ground from whence you came.     ~  Sermons, Meister Eckhart

And for attending to the birthing

with enough curiousity

to discover its nature



how it might want to come through your body

to the external world

symbolized in movement,

painting, drawing or




Bodying Circles provide the much needed opportunity to set the external world aside and gently attend to the worlds inside. Giving inordinate amount of attention to the external world drains our energy and throws us off balance. Bodying Circles are, at the very least, an antidote to our distracted, consumptive way of life.

Who would you be if you balanced and nourished your life through the practice of Bodying Circles?

Bodying is letting the body lead, trusting that it knows something about everything it already is - the past, the present, the potential future that is implicit in it.


Cognizing is set aside. We become as children.

In Bodying, we honor the body for the spirit it is or contains.  In this process, we discover more about who we are, and about Nature, and we find our way to trusting Life.

It's reminding me of how much I value asking my body what it wants and needs in any moment and doing that...last night's dreams were strangely devoid of any sense of guild, shame or "must do". I slept deeply and long. The seed circle felt safe, peaceful and nurturing. I moved from my own inner being, and held space for others to do the same. What a wonderful experience! ~ R.C.

Bodying Circles are for anyone interested in


Sensitizing awareness to one's inner world and to one's whole physically felt body,

Practicing a compassionate and unconditionally accepting relationship with oneself,

Entering the magic of the universe unfolding within,

Living whole beingness.


Through attunements or body-centered guided meditations, poetry, heartfelt sharing, sound,  and movement,

within a safe and resonant container,

you are supported to descend and more deeply sense-listen-accompany the flow of life living within you.


The circle gave me a place to feel myself without the needs of others. I felt nourished and enlivened. The kind support touched me in a beautiful way. ~ R.W.


Milagros always supports me to drop into my body with a heightened awareness that feels like a spiritual and an emotional experience...Working with Milagros brings me to the experience of Earth as my own body and supports me in understanding an aspect of that relationship. ~ C.M. 

Two Formats: Seed and Growing Circles


Seed Circles are 4 hour immersive workshops that provide a spacious time for profound bodying experiences. They are usually a prerequisite for the Growing Circles.


Growing Circles are bodying practice circles that meet regularly for a period of time. Frequency is determined by participants, taking place over a period of 3 - 6 months, meeting weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly


Bodying Circles form according to your interest.

The ground is fertile and ready for seeding. Enter the field of Bodying with the energy of your curiousity.

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