Bodying Circle: Planting a Seed, May 7, 2023

This Spring, Plant a Seed

to immerse and grow in bodily experiencing

This Springtime

Bodying Circle


A Space for


                          Grounding  Settling




                                      Exploring discovering

       Inner-directed moving 




              Seeing/ Being seen




It’s reminding me of how much I value asking my body what it wants and needs in any moment and doing that ... and then, last night's dreams were strangely devoid of any sense of guilt, shame or "must do." I slept deeply and long. The seed circle felt safe, peaceful and nurturing. I moved from my own inner being, and held space for others to do the same. What a wonderful experience!  ~ R.C.

The seed circle gave me a place to feel myself without the needs of others. I felt supported, nourished, enlivened, awakened. The kind support touched me in a beautiful way. ~ R.W.

Milagros always supports me to drop into my body with heightened awareness that feels like a spiritual and an emotional experience. I come to the experience of Earth as my own body... to heal my relationship with my body is to deepen my relationship with the dance of forms of which I am constantly a part of and brings my consciousness to a place of enlivenment. ~ C.M.

The bodying circle allowed me to be more in touch with my body, grounding me, and got my mind talking to my body and vice versa. I was "just being" instead of thinking. It was meditative and supportive. Being witnessed was a surprising support ... it was a collective healing where we all got to share what we witnessed and what it evoked in us. The poetry, the art, the reflection, the all felt really good.  ~ L.T.

It's hard for me to put into words how transformative the bodying circles have been for me this past year. They have allowed me to better tune into my body's wisdom, needs and desires. They have helped me let go of worries about how I am perceived and become more confident while helping me move through difficult situations in my life. There's nothing more supportive than woman-centered community coming together to heal see each other and be seen by each other. ~ B.W.


May 7, 2023, 1-5pm



113 Madison St., #2,

Chelsea, 48118



Class size is limited. Please register early if you'd like to join. Registration closes April 25, 2023.