Body-Centered Guided Meditation


Body-Centered Guided Meditation

This online introductory offering is offered weekly through to the end of October 2022:

Thursdays (October 13, 20, 27) - 8:30-9:30am New York Time

Fridays (Oct. 14, 21, 28) - 9-10a, New York Time

Suggested donation: $10 - $20

This meditative process invites and energetically supports you

in finding your way to your inside world

where life is living, in a bodily way.

We give our attention to sensations, movements, energy centers /chakras and the "more" that comes.

In the humility of not knowing - not making stories, not conceptualizing and not trying to make anything be any certain way, we discover deeper parts of ourselves.

We stay,

moment to moment,

with this life-giving emergent process.


Much comes from this practice -

  • grounding
  • stillness
  • calm
  • deepening self awareness
  • honoring of bodily knowing
  • self loving

We inhabit our bodies and our life more fully.


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