About Miracle Mentoring


Miracle Mentoring offers support for

Cultivating Awareness

Cultivating awareness through guided body-centered meditation designed for grounding, regulating the nervous system, connecting with and attuning to strong energies of the emotions and to potent energy centers of the body.

This practice teaches you how to partner with your body, to embody your life force, allowing your energies to unfold and manifest fully.

It reminds you of your inner resources and teaches you how to access them in challenging times.

Through this practice you develop stability, resilience, greater ease in your whole bodymind. You become more of who you truly are.

Creating More Balance

Entering into a process for creating more balance in your living, be it for diet, movement / exercise, spiritual practice.

In a busy life, taking time to tend to yourself in these ways, ultimately for greater health and vitality, can be impossible without support.

Unfolding Towards Self Realization

Challenging or scary life transitions, are opportunities for living a life that is more true to who you are becoming.

Mentoring during these times can facilitate your process of opening to new possibilities and expanding into places that are edgy, beyond your comfort zone, for living into what you are sensing as the next step that Life is inviting you to step into.

My Philosophy

My specific mentoring approach arises from over two decades of practice as a body and energy worker,  and as a somatics practitioner, as well as my certification as an Integral Life®  Coach.

I am passionately motivated by this belief: that we were each uniquely created and that the Universe has assigned us each with a mission that only we, in our uniquity, can manifest in the world. No one else can do this. If we do not realize this in our life time, this potential creative and unique offering, meant for us and for the world, dies with us.

All my work, whether offered through conversation or touch, gives primacy to the body over conceptual thinking. Thinking can arise from the body, but the body is primary in all that I do.

In my role as mentor, I am also listening to my body, to the intuition that arises within. I trust this intuition as my life force communicating to me, the same Life Force that is in everything.



The mental map is a small and limited thing; the territory of the body goes on forever. When we set aside, temporarily, the maps and enter directly into the limitless domain of the body, we begin the amazing, unexpected journey of uncovering our deepest, most authentic being and our true life; and in the process, we discover the depths of being of the universe and our place within the whole. ~ Reginald Ray


I guide you into connecting with the energies within your body. Whole Body focusing, guided meditations, deep listening - me to you, you to yourself - offer us paths into dropping down and inside yourself, where you can focus on attuning to your energies, your life force, manifesting freshly in each moment.

Connecting ongoingly with your own energy is what enables you to live from your innate power,  to be informed by your own intuition, to trust your own authority and to stand for your truth in this world, at this time.

The way to discover and manifest your true self in the world, is through attuning and connecting to your energies. Your energies are the Life Force that flows through everything, through all of Life, and it is in giving your compassionate attention and in honoring it that this most powerful force is then able to manifest, unfolding little by little, towards its fullest expression within you and within your life.

I work one on one or with groups in person or virtually. Please sign up emails if you would like to hear about workshop offerings. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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