Parsley Honey Wine

Parsley Honey Wine

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This remedy was created by Hildegard Von Bingen,  a Christian mystic and visionary of the Middle Ages. Matthew Wood, renowned and respected American herbalist, used this remedy to treat a 75 year old female client for the symptom of acute breathlessness that is often associated with Covid 19. The remedy, along with others, helped her recover (scroll to the bottom for the other remedies Matthew recommended for this client.)

There is evidence that SARS - CoV - 2  affect the autonomic system causing neurological effects like loss of sense of smell and taste, heart disorders and stroke and respiratory dysfunction, among others. The late herbalist Dorothy Hall used parsley as a tonic for the autonomic system, saying that it strengthens the parasympathetic centers along the spine.




1 bottle of wine (red or white)

10-20 sprigs of parsley

1/2 cup of wine vinegar

1 cup honey


Simmer parsley, vinegar and wine for 10 minutes. Turn heat off and immediately stir in the honey. Allow to cool for several hours.

Strain and store in the fridge.

Dose: about half a shot glass, as needed.

Other Remedies Recommended

Wild Bergamot - on back of cranium to decongest, to 'draw out heat', for dizziness. Reduces pain, less congestion in the brain.

Cleavers tincture - for ear congestion


Holly Flower Essence - for exhaustion


Pine needles - make into a tea